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In association with The Sanisera Field School - International Archaeology Courses

This course is designed for students from around the world interested in studying abroad, gaining knowledge in Roman cities, classical archaeology and underwater archaeology. It consists of three main parts:
During the first part of the course students will participate in an underwater archaeology survey. Dives will focus on an underwater archaeological survey, exploring the Ancient Port of Sanitja and the coast of the Cape of Cavalleria to identify structures of the Roman city of Sanisera and underwater shipwrecks, including their associated cargo, amphora and anchors.
The second part of the course focuses on Mediterranean shipbuilding techniques, both theoretical and practical. Students will put into practice their conservation skills with a ship constructed in the 1920s.
A hop across the Mediterranean is required for the third part course so as to study the submerged archaeological remains of Portus Iulius and the Roman villas within the underwater Archaeology Park of Baia.

For further information and registration, please contact: Fernando Contreras Rodrigo: