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The sea

In this area, rich in history and legends dominated by the passage of Greeks and Romans, the sea preserves traces of past lifetimes in the waters of Baia, Pozzuoli and Lucrino. These wonders can be seen on the sea floor within the underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae.

Moreover, there are reefs, walls and rock formations which create unexpected emotions due to the amount of life which thrives in the fantastic marine scenery as carved by the sea and natural occurences; the lobsters of Posillipo, the dome-shaped rocks near Nisida, the octopii at Miseno, the sea fans at Procida, the natural arches and tunnels near Vivara, the corals of Ischia, and the ever present yellow zoanthids and schools of fish…

Physical parameters:
Sea water temperatures peakin the range 24 to 28C (75 to 82F) around the middle of August and are at their minimum towards the end of February, in the range 13 to 14C (55 to 57F).

The climate is typically Mediterranean, featuring long, hot, dry summers with mild, wet winters. Theaverage temperatures range between a wintery 5 to 13C (41 to 55F) and a summerly 20 to 31C (68 to 88F) with one day in every ten having temperatures exceeding 34C (93F). Humidity ranges from 69 to 77% throughout the year.