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Snorkeling excursionsallowyou to observe the marine life in a very simple way.
Theequipment is composed of fins, maskand snorkel. The mask allows you to see "through" the water, the snorkelallows you to breathe without having to raise your head from the water's surface andthe fins help to swim with the least effort. Thus, the activity becomesmore effective.
Everyone can enjoy this aquatic discipline, you do not need to be proficient swimmers!
Theuse of specific aids,such as buoyancy aids, are readily available to offersecurity to those who have never tried snorkeling before.
For both first-time snorkellers and experienced free-divers excursions can be organised within the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia. Led by qualified personnel it is possible to view Romanmosaics, statues, remains of villas, etc... now found undersea level due to bradyseism, the volcanic phenomenon typical of the Phlegraean Fields.
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